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Health Through Balance: Soul, Mind and Body

About Heike


Mine began in a small town in Germany. Growing up we used to gather and dry herbs and sell them to the local pharmacy. It was only natural that a healing profession was waiting for me. In the mid-70ties I began my Macrobiotic Studies (way of life) with Michio Kushi. I fell in love with Chinese medicine and Japanese wellness practices, which led me to pursue shiatsu training, followed by a career in acupuncture. I finally could unite my love for simplicity and commonsense approach in healing.

Heike Albers, M.Ac., L.Ac.

My Weight-Loss Story

To my delight, as I studied the macrobiotic healing diet, I lost 20 lbs in six weeks just by eating healthy. This was my first introduction to the simple, powerful energy of food. As my body was getting healthy I discovered Napoleon Hills book"Success through positive mental attitude". Applying his concept, my husband and I won a trip around the world, realizing my other great love, travel and adventure.

Other Languages

Fluent in German